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Art Fair Tokyo 2023
Art Fair Tokyo

9 Mar - 12 Mar, 2023

Art Fair Tokyo 2023

As the largest art fair in Japan and the oldest in Asia, ART FAIR TOKYO continues to bring together commercial art galleries and art dealers from across Japan and the rest of the world.

The fair features a wide range of art, from antiques and crafts to nihonga painting, modern art, and contemporary art.

ART FAIR TOKYO continues to be a place for artists, curators, and collectors to collaborate, network, and exchange ideas and inspiration.

As a leading force in the Japanese art market, ART FAIR TOKYO targets established and new generations of global and local dealers and collectors to take note of the wide range of art represented. Due to the fair's unique presence in the market, galleries benefit from having a different segment of the global art scene view their pieces.

As the fair continues to evolve and expand as a platform for the art market, ART FAIR TOKYO endeavors to develop meaningful connections between past and present, Asia and the West, as well as presenting historically inspired artistic contexts.

Poster: Makoto Terauchi

Visitor Information

Vip Viewing: 9 March Public Viewing: 10-12 March

In this show

, Christiane Lohr, Burr Felt, 2022, 64372
2022 | Burr Felt

Christiane Lohr

15 × 14 × 1cm

, Ayane Mikagi, Night Market, 2023, 64371
2023 | Night Market

Ayane Mikagi

116.5 × 91cm

, Daijiro Hama, The Moment, 2023, 64370
2023 | The Moment

Daijiro Hama

31.8 × 41cm

, Akihiro Higuchi, Untitled, 2022, 64369
2022 | Untitled

Akihiro Higuchi

39.5 × 22.3 × 27.4cm

, Tomohito Ushiro, Tataku, 2022, 64368
2022 | Tataku

Tomohito Ushiro

250 × 375cm


, Okada Hiroshi, Table, 2023, 64367
2023 | Table

Okada Hiroshi

89.4 × 130.3cm

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