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Art Basel 2024
Art Basel





10 Jun - 16 Jun, 2024

Art Basel 2024

Art Basel is the world's largest art fair, showcasing modern and contemporary art. Basel fair brings the international artworld together. Every year in June, It features over 200 leading galleries and more than 4,000 artists from five continents and over 95,000 visitors.

Along with paintings, pictures, and sculptures, the public can enjoy first-rate fair performance art, digital art, and a good debate programme.

 Art Basel, which debuted in 1970, was an instant international success and remains the most anticipated event on the art market calendar. Many high-quality exhibitions take place concurrently in and around Basel, creating a region-wide art week.

Poster: Wook-kyung Choi

Visitor Information

VIP Viewing: 10-12 June Public Viewing: 13-16 June

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